How to Update Asus Transformer Pad TF300T with Original Official Factory Firmware

Hey friends! custom ROMs are always let user afraid about loosing the warranty claim. And when we come through any sudden hardware or software problem then we usually tried our best to make it default to get the warranty back. Often these kind of tutorial to get back the default/factory firmware are less, but not rare. So in this manner if you want your ASUS Transformer pad TF300T recharge with factory firmware or want to get back the warranty claim then we have the solution for it.

So today we are going to tell you the tutorial to update your Asus transformer pad TF300T with its original official factory firmware, just easily. By this you can get your warranty claim and unroot access back. So let’s start it with a quick description, check it below.

Short detail about the Update and Firmware

  • Firmware update to- Original Factory Firmware
  • Firmware Status– Official
  • Just for (Compatible device)- ASUS Transformer pad TF300T 
  • Update Advantage- Get back of Warranty claim and unroot access in TF300T

Be aware– Installing original factory firmware in android device will revoked the device warranty and untoot the device as default.

Recommend- Kindly perform this tutorial, if you are an advance user and you are well known to the concept of rooting, custom ROMs, ADB etc..

Now we are ready to perform the tutorial. Follow it step by step and carefullysmiley_thumb13333333

Disclaimer:- Cause of using this article if you face any kind of error or damage to your device then we are not responsible, do anything only at your own risk.

Update Asus Transformer Pad TF300T with Original Official Factory Firmware [Tutorial]

Step [1]. Download some required firmware files below
  • Download Stock official firmware package from Asus. Use below instructions.First check your tablet’s SKU in your tablet build no. by- “Settings”>> “About Tablet”>> build no.- TW_epad-9.X.X.X_2012xxxx. Here TWmeans SKU of your tablet.Now just go to the above given link of Asus and select in download tab- OS as “Android” and then “Firmware”.Now just download any of official firmware according to your tablet’s SKU.
  • Download Fastboot from here.
  • Step [2]. Prepare your phone and PC (pre-requisites)

    Recommend link for this step– Preparing your Android Device Before Upgrading Firmware

    • Make backup of all important data– How to backup your Android Device before upgrading firmware

      Note:- Don’t use pc suites for backup cause it won’t be working in these kind of methods.

      • Must enable the USB debugging mode in your Asus transformer pad by following path- Settings>>Applications>>Developments>>USB debugging. And here just ticked the “USB debugging” option.
      • Setup the ADB in your PC first, very much needed.
      • Charge your tablet at least 70%.
      • Ensure your android device is only Asus Transformer pad TF300T, if you have not the right thing or device then don’t ever try this update on any other device.

    You can check about your phone in detail by – FollowSettings>> About Phone in your phone.

    Step [3]. Follow below procedure to flash official factory firmware in Asus Transformer pad TF300T

    1. As we mentioned earlier ensure that ADB fully setup in your PC.

    2. Then extract the download fastboot in “C:” drive of your PC and also check four files in it’s extracted folder.

    3. Now extract the earlier download firmware package and copy a file named as “blob” to the extracted fastboot folder in “C:” drive.

    4. Once you have installed fastboot, boot your tablet into fastboot mode by-

    • Shutdown your tablet.
    • Press and hold Volume Down + Power until a message appears (“Press Vol. Up to enter RCK (5s)”). Here don’t prss volume up.
    • After 5 seconds, a new menu appears. Press Volume Down once to change to the USB icon.
    • Then press Volume Up to validate (you have to do this in less than 10 seconds, otherwise your tablet will boot Android OS)
    • At this point, your computer should recognize Fastboot device

    5. Now launch the command terminal by pressing “Window+R” from the keybord and then enter “cmd” Run dialouge box.

    6. Enter below command in command prompt to navigate to the folder containing the blob file.


    *Here XXXX is the address or path of destination folder.

    7. Next enter below commands in sequence to flash the blob file.

    fastboot devices
    fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash system blob

    8. Select option OK if appeared, for confirmation.

    9. Wait until the flashing process will complete, it will take about 5-7 minutes.

    10. A message as “SUCCESS” prompts after completion of flashing. Now just enter below command to reboot your tablet in updated firmware.

    fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot

    Note:- If your device get stuck between the process or failed to reboot to the new firmware, then just pull out the tablet’s battery and reinsert it, and task the whole procedure again.

    That’s all.

    Congratulation! You have successfully updated your ASUS Transformer pad TF300T with Original Official Factory Firmware.

    For more queries heads over to XDA Developers

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