Sign petition to Asus unlock APX in Asus Tablets

Sign petition to Asus unlock APX in Asus Transformer Prime, TF300T & Infinity! Sign it! Link to petiton:

Dear ASUS/Nvidia,

We are owners and prospective owners of an Asus Transformer Series Tablet. However, we were very disappointed that the JB bootloader prevents NVFlash.

While we trust that the TF201/TF300/TF700 will be well-supported with official updates, this tablets have the potential to be an excellent platform for development enthusiasts as well, and we think NVFlash would make them even more attractive for developers and customers.

In the past we had already been able to use NVFlash which saved many devices from a brick and buying a new (maybe Non-Asus) tablet.

Please consider giving us the ability to use the NVFlash tool on the TF201/TF300/TF700 again. We assure that this will establish ASUS’ reputation in the community as an excellent and receptive supplier of mobile devices.

Yours faithfully,
The Undersigned


2 Replies to “Sign petition to Asus unlock APX in Asus Tablets”

  1. Managed to brick my TF700T. My tablet is useless and don’t know what to do. Asus offered to replace my motherboard for a price that is higher than a new tablet. It’s despicable and no matter what will happen with this petition I’m done with Asus. Not me or other member of my family will ever buy an Asus product. I’m just tired.

  2. Stuck with an TF300T that I can only get into APX mode. Otherwise it just boots to the ASUS logo and goes nowhere else (no matter what otehr button/reset combinations I try.

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