Ubuntu Phone


Room for your content

Your phone is more immersive, the screen is less cluttered, and you flow naturally from app to app with edge magic. The phone becomes a full PC and thin client when docked. Ubuntu delivers a magical phone that is faster to run, faster to use and fits perfectly into the Ubuntu family.

Mobile industry ready

With all-native core apps and no Java overhead, Ubuntu runs well on entry-level smartphones – yet it uses the same drivers as Android. So now it’s easy to bring a better experience to customers all over the world.

Everything developers need

Create gorgeous native apps or lightweight HTML5 apps easily with our SDK. Repurpose web apps fast, so they look and work like their native cousins. With one OS for all form factors, one app can have interfaces for phone and desktop – in just one upload to one store.

Elegance, distilled
Designed to make all your phone content easier to access and your apps more immersive – every edge has a specific purpose, making all your apps, content and controls instantly accessible, without navigating back to the home screen every time. And the Ubuntu phone fits perfectly into the wider family of Ubuntu interfaces, alongside the PC and TV. It’s a uniquely, beautifully converged experience.

Built for the phone industry
We have the needs of network operators, OEMs and ODMs
in mind in bringing Ubuntu to the phone. It offers great performance on handsets with a low bill of materials, while opening up new opportunities for phone and PC convergence at the top end of the market. And its amazing user experience can be tailored to your brand, integrating your custom services, content and apps.

A fast-evolving app ecosystem
Ubuntu is the world’s favourite Linux distribution. In fact, thousands of web and mobile developers already use it every day, so it’s natural to expect those apps to make their way to Ubuntu.

As well as providing a fast, uncluttered experience on the phone, a great Ubuntu app – whether web or native – can support the traditional PC desktop right alongside the handset.